Cryptomnicon (spoiler warning)

It has been a long time since I felt the need to write about a book I read.

Particular items of note:

Ityme A: There are some very funny bits in it. I got a good chuckle from some bits of it. It was a bit more funny than termination shock.

Ityme B: It doesn’t shy away from sex. It is still a bit awkward (as anything from an American/ British writer is going to be really) but better than most writers of this ilk.

Ityme C: I liked the Andrew Lobe bit at the end. I actually forgot he was the lawyer until I google him afterwards… A passionate Lawyer indeed. Yes some of the criticism of the character could be valid but when taken as part of the book as a whole I think it fits in nicely in it’s current treatment.

Ityme D: I read numerous reviews before hand saying the first half of the book didn’t have a plot. It clearly does, it’s just temporally non-contiguous .

Ityme E: It is a good book. I also enjoyed Termination shock without realising it was the same author. I stopped “reading” (listening) to the vagabond one but now I have more of a sense of Stephensons style I will go back to it as I find it enjoyable.

Ityme F: The books do not come to an abrupt stop; to quote one person ,”It is as if the publisher called him and said “ok finish up, we need the manuscript tomorrow”. The story has a lovely natural ending, and I found it most satisfactory (I imagine it is hard to end an epic)

Ityme G: I want some of the websites and servers mentioned in the book to still work!

Music quick

Chase and Status

Friday night jungle is MASSIVE.

This goes out to all the chocolate mouses in the building….. Hold onn!


XXX and other such texts.

A Marlon Brando of a whale shat on me today.

Parenting quick

Lying awake in bed at 5am, panic in the air

What are the cheeky elves going to do tonight?


Father passed away

Father passed away there after a struggle with cancer.
I’m still in it, but how few people have contacted me to send condolences is mental. Is it cause I’m not on Facebook?
The people I work with, most of whom I have never even met in real life, sent the nicest messages.
My team has a great culture the kinda sucks people into it, it’s nice.
I’m still in it, and I guess this is my outlet for self indulgence…

Python quick

Working in prod

Look, I’m not, a professional let us say. Sometimes I work in prod shell.

In order to keep myself aware of same, make this little change to the .tmux file so you always have a visual queue that you are in prod:

# Status Bar
set -g status-bg red
(as opposed to black)

Right before the flood comes

We will all need to turn into mermaids, when the flood comes after breakfast.


Nested Dict Gets in python

Update- the below doesn’t work at all actually.. you do need to do a try-except block cause if any of the values are, for example NONE. The whole thing craps out with an exception.

I’ll leave the below to…. Show my workings!

Trying to figure out the best way to parse out complex JSON.


Level = issue.get('fields').get('customfield_1', 'NA')

Doesn’t actually work if ‘fields’ is missing. Error is:

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'

you actually need to say:

In [1]: d = {'parent':{'test':True}}

In [2]: d
Out[2]: {'parent': {'test': True}}

In [3]: d.get('parent')
Out[3]: {'test': True}

In [4]: d.get('parentt')

In [5]: d.get('parent').get('test')
Out[5]: True

In [6]: d.get('parenT').get('test')
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-6-142a5af0ba34> in <module>
----> 1 d.get('parenT').get('test')

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'

In [7]: d.get('parenT', {}).get('test')

In other words, in the case of nested gets, make sure the second attribute (the one that returns if your key is missing) is an empty dict… ie {}


nappy rash, how to avoid and minimise

Use water wipes.
They are fine for wee and don’t cause a rash.
As your kids gets older and eats more food their poo gets way more horrible.
So you need to get a big tub of silcoks base from chemist.
Use with water wipes to clean poo off.
Don’t use soap, at this point I’m sure it’s when you clean them too much, and I’m guessing kill a lot of bacteria in the arse region, they get a fungus infection… Nappy rash.

Silcoks base avoids this but let’s you clean off the shit without using 200 wipes.


Pop nested dict in python

I have struggled to find the following examples:

hello = {'a':{'b':2, 'c':3}}
#I want to pop c (which is nested in a)
hello.get('a').pop('c', None)

This took me too long to figure out