Cryptomnicon (spoiler warning)

It has been a long time since I felt the need to write about a book I read.

Particular items of note:

Ityme A: There are some very funny bits in it. I got a good chuckle from some bits of it. It was a bit more funny than termination shock.

Ityme B: It doesn’t shy away from sex. It is still a bit awkward (as anything from an American/ British writer is going to be really) but better than most writers of this ilk.

Ityme C: I liked the Andrew Lobe bit at the end. I actually forgot he was the lawyer until I google him afterwards… A passionate Lawyer indeed. Yes some of the criticism of the character could be valid but when taken as part of the book as a whole I think it fits in nicely in it’s current treatment.

Ityme D: I read numerous reviews before hand saying the first half of the book didn’t have a plot. It clearly does, it’s just temporally non-contiguous .

Ityme E: It is a good book. I also enjoyed Termination shock without realising it was the same author. I stopped “reading” (listening) to the vagabond one but now I have more of a sense of Stephensons style I will go back to it as I find it enjoyable.

Ityme F: The books do not come to an abrupt stop; to quote one person ,”It is as if the publisher called him and said “ok finish up, we need the manuscript tomorrow”. The story has a lovely natural ending, and I found it most satisfactory (I imagine it is hard to end an epic)

Ityme G: I want some of the websites and servers mentioned in the book to still work!