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I’m a writer Mom

I’m sitting at a table of people I mostly don’t know, and it’s gradually became clear that almost everyone here is “I work in IT”.

I try not to say “I work in IT”, fail, then try to describe what I actually do, and fail again. It doesn’t sit well with me. Hosted on AWS blah. If I said Carpenter, Architect etc etc, you might know what I do, or have an idea anyway. Shit, even “Software engineer” makes some sense.

So, my goal is to be a writer. Creating gives a good feeling, and is challenging in a different way. It’s not problem solving, it’s not fixing the world’s problems, or even understanding them; it’s creating something that, at best, is a mirror held up to the world. Maybe a funhouse mirror. I have written all my life, on and off, but have never being…. a Writer.

Listening to “slip of the keyboard” by Terry Pratchett; He always started a new book as soon as his last was finished, because if he wasn’t writing, then calling himself a writer was cheating.

So I’m flipping this over and saying as long as I’m writing…. I’m a writer.

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