Messaging and time

Remember, there is no guaranteed delivery time of a message; The destination module may be broken, or it may be busy.

On data changes verify the change prior to making it in a way that fixes the amount of time between validation and edit.


findings = body['caseinfo']['findings']
if 'Needs to be assigned to new team' in findings:                               'Moriorty to assign {body["ticket"]} to new team')                        
    teamAssignedField = 'customfield_1XXX'                                          
    #Need to validate current state as there are no time guarantees in the message   
    issue = getJiraTicketInfo(body['issueURL'])      # <--- this is a function within the module code, no messaging needed                                
    teamCurrent = ''                                                                 
        teamCurrent = issue['fields']['customfield_10311']['name']   #who knows what crap will be returned                
        teamCurrent = ''                                                             
    if teamCurrent == 'old-team':                                                     'Validated {body["ticket"]} is assigned to old-team')                  
        putData = {}                                                                 
        putData['fields'] = {teamAssignedField : 'new-field'}          
        pushUpdate = postJiraTicketInfo(body, putData)  # <=== also a function in the module code                             

This way I don’t have to worry about material delays. Ideally the api should really accept a validation value but it doesn’t. The change will only be made if the data is in the same (relevant) state as when the original check took place .

Because of this the various modules tend to interact with one system, both reads AND writes….. Except the slack integration of course, I have Lestrad sending messages and Lestrad’s phone answering them 🙂

One issue I can see if the value in one system depends on the state of another system… but I’m not sure if that is an actual issue, as you could just send the body back through the processing chain to double check afterwards maybe… I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

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